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On this webpage all swedish beer coasters are registrated, thats my goal anyway. At the moment 1424 swedish beer coasters and 269 related.

Just click the Swedish flag and than the brewery you want to check out. For foreign coaster related to Sweden, click the world.

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Some new coasters:

Jämtlands 4B1 2020 95.png MJs 4B1 2020 95.png Bernard 0A1b.png Åbro 9C1ab 2020.png
Three Towns 0A4b Ö copy.png Beersmiths 4A1a 2020.png Duvel 0A1b.png Beer Factory 0A1.png Lyktan 9A1.png
Höganäs tap (8).JPG Lundaöl 0A2b Ö copy.png Three Towns 0E1 Ö copy.png Ringnes 4P4b.png Vreta 0A1a 2020 107.png
Vreta 0A2 2020 95.png Kopparbergs Cider 4C1ab X.png Blanche de Namur 4S3a.png Peroni 0D2a X.png Guinness 0BA1a X.png
Svartbergets 0A1 2019 X.png Åhus 0B1 2018.png Ringnes 4P2b.png Heineken 0 0b.png Staropramen 0S3a X.png
Majornas 4A1ab 2020.png Majornas 4A2a 2020.png Lundgrens lager 4A1a 2020.png Oppigårds 4H1a X.png Upp 0A1a.png
Hobgoblin 0A1b 2020.png This is how 0A1a 2020.png This is how 0A2a 2020.png This is how 0A3a 2020.png This is how 0A4a 2020.png
Sandels 4A3a X.png ... Sandels 4A4a 85+.png ... Sandels 4B1 90+ 2005.png ... Sandels 4B2 90+ 2009.png ... Sandels 4B3 90+ 2010.png ...
Sandels 4B4 90+ 2012.png ... Sandels 4B5 90+ 2014.png ... Sandels 4B6 90+ 2014.png ... Sandels 4C1 90+ 2004.png ... Sandels 0A1a 100+.png ...

Some news:

200520 - Poppels bryggeri

Today I like this brewery a little extra: